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Agarwood – A treasure of nature (Essence of Vietnam)
Agarwood is known for its medicinal, aromatherapy and feng shui benefits and elaborate fabrication process. When the tree is injured, the tree accumulates resin on the wound to "bandage". It took many wounds and years of "eating the sun and eating the wind" in the middle of a deep and deep forest to be formed.

The longer the period of accumulation of sediment, the more valuable it is. Many people believe that agarwood absorbs the spirit of heaven and earth, the quintessence of the mountains and forests, so it will protect and bring luck to the wearer.

The process of "hunting" agarwood is difficult because the trees grow in deep forests, among many species of trees. Dancers have to cut mountains and cross forests for months to find agarwood. In addition, not all trees have Agarwood, it takes 1000 trees to find one with Agarwood…

Today, Vietnamese people still use frankincense in daily rituals such as housewarming, opening ceremony, worshiping...

In many parts of the world, especially China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, agarwood is used as a valuable flavoring in the preparation of perfumes (such as Santal, Nuit d'Orient), soaps, and soaps. bathroom and especially incense.

In Oriental medicine, agarwood is used as a remedy for many diseases such as malaria, abdominal pain, urinary tract disease... The scent of Agarwood also helps to sleep well and relax the mind.

Efforts to develop and raise the brand name of Tien Phuoc agarwood is the goal that Tien Phuoc district is aiming for.

Elevate the brand name for Tien Phuoc Agarwood.

Tien Phuoc is the land of the Do Bau Huong tree, which is said to make the best agarwood. Over the past 20 years, the profession of growing agarwood, drilling and transplanting agarwood has gradually developed in Tien Phuoc, creating jobs for many local workers. Agarwood products of the Tien River region are not only an abundant source of raw materials for Trung Phuoc handicraft village (Nong Son) but also are made into high-value typical handicraft products. has been exported to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan...

Since then, the area planted to do gourd in Tien Phuoc is constantly growing, it is estimated to be up to 420ha with hundreds of successful nurseries and growers. Tien Phuoc currently has 200 companies, production and business facilities and agarwood processing activities. Tram Moc Huong Private Enterprise is one of them. Realize the advantages and value of the Agarwood brand.

About us:

At Moc Huong Agarwood, we are committed to providing the market with jewelry products Agarwood is from monolithic Agarwood, not using grafted agarwood and other similar types, Feng shui items, Agarwood, Incense products 100% Agarwood powder… Commitment to refund 100% of the product value from Agarwood but not Agarwood.

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